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Merger and Acquisition opportunities can arise at any point in a company’s development or stable operation. The management might feel reasonably secure if they have just concluded an IPO or completed a new funding round. Despite this, the very next moment there could well be merger or acquisition activity. Higher visibility in the investment market, sparked by recent events, often encourages M & A activity. The first questions must be, is it a merger of equals; are you now sufficiently funded and excited enough to acquire a competitor; or are you now to be the target of an acquisition? All of these scenarios bring you in touch with the investment market again.

Japan Commodities trading will again stand ready, with our international experience, to offer our services, wherever the activity is based. We will be prepared to review two or more companies and then to guide you on how to handle the dynamic situation you are now facing.

Japan Commodities trading is very much an M & A consulting house. We have finance and consulting streams but these are very much support services to our investments arm. These other parts of the practice make our offering much stronger and ensure that we are able to bring you and your associated investors the returns you seek.

There may well be private individuals and portfolio managers who have invested in the equity fund where you have been supported.

Additionally there will be others who joined at or around the time of your IPO. For these investors it may be an appropriate time to activate their exit strategy. In the same way our Fund may come to a similar decision and reduce its involvement. This is the dynamics of the investment market and we will have positioned your company to take advantage of these changes. A review and action is the next step, if required.

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