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Greater coverage of global financial matters has seen more and more individuals taking a more hands on approach to the management of their investments but with the sheer range of products and asset classes available increasing each week, many appreciate the benefit of insightful advice that only a practice with a well-proven track record can provide. Japan Commoditie’s trading can provide the recommendations and, unlike the discretionary service, clients retain the final say on whether the assets are bought/sold.

Discretionary management is a service whereby clients authorize Japan Commoditie’s trading to conduct the day-to-day running of their investment portfolio and the assets therein on their behalf. This is particularly attractive to those who may not have the time or expertise to administer the asset allocations, diversification and other aspects of running a portfolio themselves. Adhering strictly to risk tolerance guidelines laid down at the outset, Shinjuku Commodities will – when appropriate – buy and/or sell assets on your behalf to ensure it remains on course to meet your investment objectives.


 Japan Commodities trading client will always be kept apprised of the performance of their portfolio. Our AfterCare aims to measure absolute return compared to target growth for funds allocated and it will evaluate the portfolio manager’s performance compared to relative benchmarks. Japan Commoditie’s trading provides comprehensive statements of the overall portfolio’s performance on a regular basis and can also, if clients wish, make this vital information available to them in a web-accessible password-protected, private account.

Regular client meetings or teleconferences with their Japan Commodities trading investment adviser will seek to review the current portfolio relative to the target asset allocation. If necessary, we will rebalance the client’s portfolio depending on new circumstances ranging from cash flow needs right up to shifts in macro-economic trends. Clients should be aware that portfolio rebalancing cannot guarantee a profit or offer absolute protection against losses in declining markets.

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